Serenely Lovely Matutinao Beach Resort

One of the famous destinations here in Cebu province is the peaceful little town of Badian.

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How to get there?

Well, from the city, you go to the South Bus Terminal near Elizabeth Mall. You board a Ceres bus there, preferably an air-conditioned one… so you’re spared the hours of inhaling exhaust fumes on the highway. Travel time is about 2 hours.

You will pass by the following cities and towns, before you get to Badian:

  • Talisay
  • Minglanilla
  • Naga
  • San Fernando
  • Carcar (stopover)
  • Barili
  • Dumanjug
  • Ronda
  • Alcantara
  • Moalboal

Now the town itself is not its main attraction. In truth, it is really famous for being the stopover for people going to Kawasan Falls.


A little segue…
Kawasan Falls is actually one of the main attractions of the province. From the highway to the falls is about an hour’s walk, more or less. This body of water has three tiers. The highest falls is at the bottom — this is also the most popular one since it has the strongest current and the widest. You go up a little further and you reach the middle falls, which is a little calmer and narrower, but still has quite a strong current — especially if you stand by the falling water. :P Now, the last time we were there, I didn’t go to the highest falls. I peeked at the pathway — the way up is more than a little steep and it looked scary so I backed out. Maybe I’d dare myself to go to it next time… maybe. But from photos I’ve seen, the third falls is more of a pool, with just a small falls that supplies water to it. Many say the way there is a bit dangerous and the area has seen a bit of damage over the years. I heard that due to these reasons, no one is allowed to go up to the third falls. Maybe this has changed recently though. You can check with locals there, if you really feel that adventurous. Recently though, last year to be exact, the falls was declared off-limits and some structures near the water were demolished due to some environmental concerns. However, a  fellow blogger went there earlier this year and she says that the falls is now open to the public. Yay!

Now, back to the topic… Before you reach Kawasan Falls, you first pass through this little baranggay called Matutinao. The place could seem a little deserted, especially if it’s not on a holiday or the weekend. But if you’re looking for some real rest and relaxation, you’d definitely find it here… especially at this roadside-seaside resort that’s named after the baranggay — Matutinao Beach Resort. (Resort images credit: Matutinao Beach Resort)

When my friends and I decided to go to Badian as a last-minute weekend getaway, we decided to stay there instead of going up to the famous falls and stay in the cottages nearby. Not only is this resort much convenient than the ones near the falls, it’s also a little less expensive. This trip was a few years ago, though.

The resort has cottages right by the water… on short stilts! We were a bit fascinated by them because we could clearly see the seawater through the bamboo floorboards when high tide came. Clearly, living in the city has made us a bit naive about structures like these. ^_^

We travelled a bit late in the day, so when we arrived, it was already late in the afternoon. We decided that it was a bit too late to go to the falls and so we stayed by our cottage and just lounged by our porch and stared out to sea.  It was so nice that we stayed outside until it was quite late in the evening.

The resort also has its own restaurant where you can order some food. If you’re really on a shoestring budget though, you can just bring your own instant noodles and ask them for hot water. That’s what we did. ^_^ The staff was very accommodating. We enjoyed that trip so much.

Reminiscing about this particular trip to this sleepy little town has made me feel a bit nostalgic. Maybe I’ll visit it again in the future… when I find some time.  Perhaps this weekend?


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