First Aid Kit Essentials


first aid kit

Who says first aid kits are just for dorks?

Certainly not the person stung by a sea urchin while roaming a deserted island.

As a wise traveller, you always need to be prepared. And I don’t just mean bringing a hat and SPF50 sun block. Accidents can and will happen, even when you’re lounging lazily on a hummock and sipping a frozen margarita.

Are you off to easier climes for a well-deserved break? Then a first aid travel kit is a necessary. So while you packing the camera, pack of cards, and other essentials, store these in your luggage.

Mosquito Repellent
Tropical locations have its fair share of mosquitoes. Prevent those itch-inducing mosquito bites with a repellent. It will protect you from diseases like dengue and malaria. It will also keep other small bugs at bay.

All food is not created equal. Some won’t go down well on your stomach. It may be local cuisine or the drinking water. Antacids provide instant relief from tummy aches.

Cuts and bruises may mar your tropical holiday. Thus, you’d need a band-aid to cover them up and prevent them from getting infected.

Hand Sanitizer
You won’t always have the luxury of finding a restroom before or after meal. Some may even look like a dump. Hence, you should always have a hand sanitizer handy.

Electoral Sachets
The answer to hunger and thirst during long treks. It prevents dehydration from that parched feeling you get because of sun exposure.

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