Christmas in the City: Holiday Treats in Cebu

christmas scene in cebu city

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The lights have been lit along Osmeña Avenue. There’s a cool breeze rustling through the leaves of trees. Christmas carols are blasting off speakers from SM all the way to Colon. Yes folks, signs of the holiday season are everywhere. And I urge you to get caught up in its throes.

Some people might balk at the idea of merriment, especially after the catastrophic events that occurred in Bohol and Leyte. Despite all that the bad things that have happened, I believe many of us still have reason to be jolly. Tragedy came and struck but we were spared. Just for that, we should endeavour to be kind and bring happiness to others.

Philosophical overtures end here.

So where was I? Ah, yes. Christmas in the city is wonderful, with all the festive lights and music. If you’re from foreign parts, December 24 and 25 will be a revelation. If you’re lucky enough to be invited into someone’s home for noche buena, you won’t just get to sample the feast the Christmas Eve feast Pinoys are famous for. You’ll also be able to witness traditions that have been observed for generations.

On the other hand, if you’ll be flying solo and intend to roam around Sugbu on these dates, here are some suggestions.

  •  See the tree

The giant Christmas tree, which stands tall above Fuente Osmeña circle, is quite a sight. If you’re high enough, it’s visible from any window. However, it’s best to go down to the rotunda because it’s where all the fun happens. This symbolic structure was lit a couple of days ago and now various events take place in the evenings.

  •  Shop at the night market

Last year’s Kasadya sa Colon (official name for the night market extravaganza) was fun. It lasted until December 30 but was reopened in June for the celebration of the Cebu Business Month. Expect another happening event as 2013 ends.

The bazaar isn’t hard to find. All you have to do is head down to the city’s oldest street. There you’re bound to find stalls filled with an assortment of merchandise. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly kitchen utensils, inexpensive toys or souvenirs for friends back home, the Kasadya Fair is the place to go shopping.

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